DH Lawrence 1885 - 1930

Lawrence Vvew of Sons and Lovers Cottage

Durban House Heritage Centre

Durban House

The centre is situated on Mansfield Road, at Eastwood, on the corner of the junction with Greenhills Road, it is only a short walk from D.H. Lawrence's birthplace, and Eastwood's town centre.

Durban House was built in 1896, for The Barber Walker mining company, and was once the wages offices for Brinsley Colliery, the colliery where D.H. Lawrence's father worked. This is where young Bert Lawrence would call and collect his fathers pay packet. The house was then turned into a mining officials institute, with a concert hall, billiard table, and library, before being converted into flats, after the flats were closed down, the house stood derelict for several years.

Durban House has been fully renovated, reopening in 1998, and now contains 'talking' exhibits of the life and times of Lawrence, and also the original court copies of Lawrence's most controversial novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover.

The picture below shows local poet, David Coleman, dressed as a miner, reading some of his poetry, and also giving a talk about mining to an audience at Durban House Heritage Centre.

Durban House also boasts a fine restaurant, which is situated just inside the building to the left of the main entrance. The restaurant supplies a variety of freshly made food, mostly made with ingredients sourced from local farms, whenever possible.

Both the Durban House Heritage Centre, and the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum, are open all year round.

For opening times, admission charges, and further details, tel. 01773 717353