So Who is this Gavin ? that you're here, just a few details.

This is me - in 2003

Name Gavin Gillespie
Age  If life begins at forty, I am still a teenager.
Marital Status  Divorced, no commitments.
Residing at Giltbrook, Nottingham, U.K.
Main Interests Writing - Photography - Computing
Favourite female artistes - Cher and Madonna
Favourite male artiste - Bob Dylan

Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, is my birthplace, and also the birthplace of D.H. Lawrence, the author, and writer of "Lady Chatterly's Lover". Eastwood is situated 500 metres west of Giltbrook, where I now live.

In 1974, I nearly purchased the house where D.H. Lawrence was born, for £2,000, but the local council beat me to it, and turned it into a museum, converting the property to how it would have looked, when Lawrence was a child. This was perhaps a wise move by the council, as I had plans to install central heating, and double glazing.

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