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The Hayloft at Giltbrook

The Hayloft : Giltbrook

This site contains information about Giltbrook, Eastwood, Greasley, Newthorpe, and the surrounding areas, in Nottinghamshire, UK. It includes local history, local photographs, and a link to a map of the area, which is on the 'Giltbrook' page, (link at the bottom of this page).

The title, 'Giltbrook - A Suburb of Ikea', refers to the size of the Ikea development, now called the Giltbrook Retail Park, which is situated on the outskirts of Giltbrook, near to the A610 island. Giltbrook Retail Park contains, or will contains the following stores, Ikea, Next, Decathlon, Boots, Comet, Laura Ashley, Carpet Right, CSL, Bhs - British Home Stores, Mamas & Papas, SCS, Pets at Home, and Barker & Stonehous, plus more to be announced, along with the food outlets of Starbucks, Subway, and Frankie & Benny's.Screwfix have also opened an outlet on the nearby industrial estate.

Giltbrook Farm Estate (Smithurst Road)

The site also contains personal information about me, and my interests. I have tried to make the site both easy to navigate, and quick to load. Most of the images on this site are copyright to me, if you require an image for another site, please ask.

The D.H. Lawrence Memorial at nearby Eastwood

D.H.Lawrence Memorial

Decathlon's proposal to build on greenbelt land near Ikea

I wrote the following poem to express my views on Decathlon's proposal to build on greenbelt land, just off of the A610 at Giltbrook. The proposed greenbelt site is on the opposite side of the by-pass to their present store, and the existing Ikea store. We have lost too much of the surrounding countryside around Giltbrook already, it is time to say no to any more. It is ludicrous for Decathlon to suggest building another store, with surrounding restaurants, and a so called recreational facility, on greenbelt land that already acts as a recreational facility. This is just an excuse to encroach into the greenbelt, knowing that it will then make further retail development much easier to achieve.

The poem is set 40 years in the future, with a young lad out walking with his grandad.

How green was this valley?

What was here before, Grandad?
Before Decathlon came?
Was there birds and butterflies,
Like other people claim?
Or has it always been like this,
With cars on tarmac standing,
From Kimberley to Langley Mill,
Surrounding neon branding?

Was this once a valley Grandad?
Was it green with grass?
Was it beautiful long ago?
Why did they make it crass?
Was there a river meandering through,
Beside a railway track?
Why did they let them change it?
They can never get it back.

Gavin Gillespie 19/12/2011

Walker Street School reunion - for pupils that left in 1964.

A school reunion was held at Eastwood Town Social Club for pupils that left the school in 1964 It was held on Friday September 19th 2008. The organisers were Rita Campbell and Georgina Clarke.

Further details about the reunion, including school photographs, and a list of most of the pupils from that year, are available on the following link - Walker Street School - 1964 Leavers Reunion

D.H. Lawrence's Birthplace

D,H.Lawrences Birthplace


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Other items of local interest.

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